• Corein Carter

WTF Is Potential?

In this day and age dating is a lost art. People think going to a bar or lounge where the music is way to loud, hella people are around and you can barely hear each other is showing someone a good time (well maybe for some it is). Or how about the whole Netflix and Chill era. Y'all really out here allowing this non sense on a first or second date. Lets be real its just a chance to let the other person get close to you feel up on you, forget about the important conversation you are supposed to be having and land up under the sheets or the comforter on the couch.

I recently saw a post online where a female stated she meets a lot of dudes with "Potential" to possibly date but they don't court her well enough or don't know how to at all. She then proceeded to give a Play Book on certain things woman like when they are being courted. I had to stop and ask myself a series of questions. The main one was WTF is Potential? Why would you need to teach anyone how to court you appropriately? Isn't giving a Play Book on how to date you an easy give away and it defeats the purpose of finding real genuineness in a person?

Lets start with what Potential is. Potential is having latent qualities or abilities that "may' (or may not) develop into further success or usefulness. That's the dictionary version. But if you ask me Potential is nothing but an illusion. You can see what you want in an individual but if they don't have the drive to actually become what you think they can be, what good is potential really gonna do for you? You can not Build A Bear (or a person), but you can build with a person tho. If a person has the basic skill set and qualities you are seeking within a partner that suits your liking then you can help enhance or strengthen what they already have to build off of and take them to another level of greatness. But starting with a blank template will leave you highly disappointed when what you tried to teach them isn't reciprocated either because they are unprepared to be what you need them to be or because they aren't interested in you in a more serious manner.

Its like this you get a brand new phone and it comes equipped with a high resolution camera, high speed service, extended battery life, and an awesome storage amount. With these qualities alone you'd be satisfied. But once you upload some new apps and set the general settings of the phone in the manner you really like you, are beyond elated with your device now because the extra stuff you did to the phone just made it even better then it already was.

Now what you won't be able to do is get you an Out-Dated Flip phone (aka trap phone) and think that you can add all the great features that new phone has, it won't work the same. There are many reasons beyond why it won't work, one being that the system isn't the same, it doesn't have the capability of doing the same things this new phone can do nor is it equipped to receive, send, or analyze the information in the same manner.

Trying to force your expectations on an individual who isn't capable of understanding what you truly need and require is a sure bet that you will waste you time. The one thing I have I've learned from my dating experiences is is that if you set standards and expectations from the beginning about what you want and desire out of a person and they don't treat you as such or even attempt to act accordingly in any realm. THEY JUST DON'T CARE TO DO SO!!!

If we are speaking in the instance of a man the one thing I can say is that a man will totally go out his way to set the scene for a woman he really wants, Trust that. Rather it be he wants the draws or he wants a deeper connection. A man will make a way to impress and please a woman if you are on his radar. Dudes will literally go ask for help from they aunties , his homies who have woman, and his fake sister (who he probably smashed before) just to figure out what he needs to do to get with you. He is gonna find a way to make himself at least look "suitable" in your eyes just to get a chance with you and if he doesn't then honey he just isn't it.

If we are talking about a female she will literally make time when she has no time and I mean this full heartedly. This woman could literally be running on 4 hours of sleep and for the right guy she will hop up make herself look presentable and find the energy of Zeus just so she could show you that she can make time for you. A woman will look up some of your favorite sports teams just so she can be in the "Know" and relate to you on some of your favorite sports jargon.

So again my question is what is potential again? Because from my recollection a person will either take the steps to make themselves better or they will take the tips you give them and try to implement them in the best manner they know how to. Why give a person a whole damn play book on the what to do's so they can use it to finesse your ass and leave you even more salty then before you came up with this dumb ass book. Give a person your requirements and let them show you exactly who they are and what they are capable of you. Because a person with potential to be a millionaire isn't there yet, a person with the potential to be a great mother or father isn't yet, a person with the potential to make love to you the right way hasn't yet, a person who has the potential to build a great life hasn't yet. Not to say that these people with potential can't and won't be able to do all these things but if you were to sit around a wait to figure out if these individuals are actually gonna take the initiative to make something happen you could possibly be waiting forever. Why wait on something that could be when you can have something solid with someone who actually is a great individual someone who already actively has all the qualities you need and if they don't have them currently they will have them for certain in due time.

Don't let people bamboozle you into believing they just don't know how to treat a person. They are either gonna take action to correct their behavior or they are gonna fall back because they can't handle nor are the up for the challenge of dealing with you in the manner you require them too. Whatever the case may be don't be blindsided by "Potential", its a flake. A person either has the will power to be greater actively working towards being so or they are already a solid individual either way it goes, if they can't show you what you need politely dismiss them and do find you someone who can and will treat you as you desire.

That's The Dish for this week, don't forget to like, comment, subscribe, follow the social media, and always share with others. Many blessings to all!



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