• Corein Carter

The Single Season

Are certain rules necessary to have in play during your single season?

How come the first thing someone asks you when you first encounter each other is "Why Are You Single" you should have a man or woman. In a certain sense they are totally correct. I'm all for soul connections and bonds but only if it's with the right individual meeting your standards and contributing to your life in all realms. Maybe you refuse to settle for less, maybe your working on bettering yourself and healing parts of you that hinder you to love or trust a person, maybe you understand you aren't ready for anything serious and don't want to break any hearts or maybe your just bat shit crazy and know that being tied down isn't for you. Regardless of the reasoning behind why a person is single I feel as tho the majority of people have this taboo perception that if you are single something must be wrong with you or you are the player type.

In reality most people wouldn't be opposed to a relationship coming their way but often the time is they are finding parts or pieces in certain people that they like or enjoy but they aren't coming across a person who embodies a variety of the things they truly desire, so they dibble and dabble on the scene. I'm not oppose to dating multiple people at once, i actually advocate it because you can truly decipher what's necessary for you to want to sustain a fulfilling relationship with someone. Using discernment goes a long way in the single season. Decide what qualities are a must for you and decide if the people in your life are giving those things to you. This is the time to learn yourself, what your willing to put up with and also what it really is that you want out of another person.

The notion of being single doesn't mean a person isn't ready to receive a person into their life that they truly connect with. We need to cut that out of our thinking pattern, rather we need to implement the idea that if an individual is single what stage are they currently in and what that means for you if you are trying to enter this persons life during this single season.

I will give several types to help that single season go smoothly, and not interrupt what ever phase it is that your a going thru while living in this season.

1. Never Raw Dog

This here alone, will cut back on a lot of the confusion as to where a person stands in your life during that single season. You have no business having unprotected sex with someone who isn't yours period. When you allow yourself to get this intimate with someone that you know isn't the one for you and someone you are just enjoying for the moment it leads to hell of confusion of if you actually give af about them or you care more about the feeling your penis or vagina is experiencing.

2. You Ain't Gotta Home, But you Gotta Go Somewhere

Stop spending the night, week or days with people you have no real intentions with to move forward or at least have an understanding with. If you know you not tryna catch feelings for that play thing why you laying up and pillow talking. Dead the sleepover and take ya ass home if you know your intentions are to bust one and call them in a week or a month.

3. Put your Options on display.

Be upfront in your single season about your other dating options. Being that you are single you have the right to mix and mingle with others to see what is you truly desire out of someone else. If you guys start off with a real, raw, and open banter about what your dating life entails you can skip the headache and disappointment later. Be real with it, you may not be sexually involved with everyone but most people do have other avenues to explore.

4. Never Kiss and Tell

This applies both literally and figuratively. Stop telling your friends all your damn business. They sometimes have higher expectations for you then you yourself has. Avoid the "I told you so's" and the backlash when your casual dating experience didn't go as planned. Your dating prospects shouldn't be a topic of overall discussion unless they are someone that you really are feeling and someone deserving of your time.

5. Spit the Facts

Be real about what it is your looking for at this particular point in your single season. Rather it be dating with a purpose, weighing your options, or just having some fun for the time being be real with people so they don't set unrealistic expectations of what could possibly come out what you guys have.

These tips will help eliminate many problems on your course of living fully in your single season. Being single is about exploring your options without having to worry about anyone else but you. Most importantly its about figuring out yourself and seeing what it is that you truly desire out of life and a future partner. Don't deny yourself of fully embracing this season take some or all of these tips and flourish in that single season without hassle.



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