• Corein Carter

The ComeBack Season

How to Bounce-back after a Set-back.

Sometimes it takes complete isolation from the things we are used to in our everyday life, for us to really be able to reconnect with ourselves, have clarity in our hearts and minds, and experience growth and healing. In this case I had to take about a 6 month hiatus from my social platforms, creating, blogging and a variety of other things that I loved, but had to put to the side in order to place the focus back on the only true thing that matters, Self. I had become consumed with trying to share my love with the Wrong man, focusing on way too many creative endeavors at once and scattering my energy on building everything and everyone else up, except for my own internal development.

While many times we see progress in certain areas, it's really all just surface level if we aren't happy within ourselves. I say that to make the point that even tho my life was full of activity, movement, ups, wins and gains, I still truly had no concept, that all of what I was doing wasn't for me, It was for an aesthetic really. Life started to full apart for me and in the midst of it all I realized that I was giving too much of myself to too many things and literally decided I needed to do Nothing at all. Expect for figuring out what works best for my inner happiness at that point.

Often times we share stories of the success or growth that we have already acquired. But when your trying to really rely a message that will resonate with others, sharing your vulnerabilities, heartbreaks, setbacks, or even failures is the one sure bet that will make others relate to you more. It can be quite uncomfortable for most people to share their struggles with strangers and the world, but I like to look at it as me fully releasing the things that once took up space in my heart, mind, and spirit. Its therapeutic in a sense.

Most times in the midst of adversity we feel as tho we have to over indulge to catch up, stay on track, or make up for time that we feel we missed out on. In reality that outlook can sometimes harm us more than we know. We throw ourselves into work, activities, sex, overeating and an array of other things that are taking the focus off of what's most important, that being Self-awareness. Anyone who knows me knows that I'm advocate for self healing and this instance is no different. Sometimes we have to go off the grid to refocus and gain clarity of what it is that we truly want and desire. Not giving any energy to outside pressures and distractions. Taking a step back to recharge is the only true way to advance and blast off and make a comeback whatever scene that you own even better than before.

I'm here to give a few tips on how to have a prosperous ComeBack Season after you've experienced a set back in whatever aspect of life that had you been misaligned in.

1. Take Time to Heal

The lessons we wish to learn will always keep reappearing if we aren't taking a moment to truly understand what is trying to be conveyed to us in moments of adversity. You can't just brush everything to the side and not acknowledge how you're feeling, what has occurred, and how it may have an on impact your wellbeing, well really in all areas of your life. Its easy as hell for us to have a nonchalant attitude towards things that we can't seem to get the courage to express, let alone really come to grips with. In most peoples eyes if we aren't acknowledging it, did it really happen? is it really real? Only true way to get past the moment is to do some deep introspection, look within and take into account what, why, and how the current situation makes you feel and once you can do so it'll open up the doorway to acceptance and lead you out of the denial or uncertainty that you once may have felt.

2. Do What Makes You Truly Happy

In adulthood we place so many restrictions on what we can and can not do just because society deems it not normal, unnecessary, or just plain out weird. In reality what suits you will never suit the next person. We should place less focus on what another person thinks and more focus on the things that truly resonate with us. Sometimes it's just as simple as getting in touch with that side of you that had buried away. I suggest trying to remember some of the most simplest moments in your life that were pure but felt amazing to you. Rather that's dancing, singing karaoke, painting, vacation, exercise or even something as simply as spending more times with friends, partners, or family. Once you can really tap back into those small things that truly put a smile on your face and leave you feeling satisfied without having to think too much about anything. It'll bring about a sense of fulfillment that will put you right back on the track you thought you strayed from.

3. Move Forward with Intention

Once you decide that you want and deserve more out of life, you start to move with the intent to make the best out of what life has to offer you. It's certain things that you just won't go for once you are fully on the path to opening up every part of you that once was blocked. That could range from a variety of realms including mental, physical, sexual, financial and spiritual. You'll realize those old ways of dealing with life no longer suit you, and you have to be wiling to let go completely and move on with the ideal in mind that you desire better and you're willing to work towards having that. It's like this when you were a child on your birthday over cake and candles, your family would tell you to make a wish and you would close your eyes and think real hard about what it is that you want putting your wish out into the universe with the full intent that it would come true. It's the same thing in adulthood, when we think about the things we want the most and we place the intent into the world that we will acquire whatever it is that we want, we release it with hopes that'll come into fruition. We have to stay true to that at all times and remain focused with the idea in mind that what we may see in front of us at the moment may not be exactly what we picture for ourselves but once we can fully open our eyes (figuratively and literally) to the greater possibilities once we let go of our own insecurities, inhibitions, and setbacks we could experience things that's far greater than what our 'lil minds could have ever imagined.

I want us all to step into our Comeback Season fully refreshed, revived, and reinvigorated for all that life has to offer. Author Michael Tavon said it best, we have to "Condition our minds to believe that shortcomings, are just opportunities for more growth." And that's a whole word.

Im back in full motion. Don't forget to Like, Comment, Subscribe to the Blog & Podcast and of course Share amongst others.

Its your girl Corein Carter @inlivingcolored on IG/Twitter and I'm signing off.




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