• Corein Carter

Ten Text Etiquette Tips

1. Proper Greetings : Please make sure when you text someone you greet them appropriately. A simple "Hello, How are you, Hows your day going, Hi beautiful, Hey handsome". Anything besides "Whats good, Wyd or Whats up. Thats a sure bet to get your message curved.

2. No Unsolicited Photos : DO NOT SEND unsolicited photos to a persons phone. Fellas this is especially for you. Nobody wants you send pics of privates and you guys haven't even taken it to that level or the person may not be into you like that. Relax and wait until you know for sure a person is wanting you in that will. This will get you BLOCKED quick.

3. "LOL" isnt a Response : When you don't have anything else to say or hit an awkward moment thru text don't use "LOL". More than likely nothing is funny and it makes a person uneasy because are you laughing at them, the conversation, or just goofy af. Whatever it is unless its funny don't use it.

4. Don't Pick Up the Phone on a Date: If you are on a date with a person there is absolutely no need to text, answer phone calls, check DM's during the date. Your supposed to be engaging in the moment. If your bored go home why waste your time out with a person if your not feeling it.

5. Check your Response Time : If you are in the middle of a conversation don't go missing for excessive amount of hours without a response and especially don't go missing for days. This is an easy way for people to play the petty game and do the same thing back to you. Its an ugly game to play with.

6. Don't Text Reply to a Call : If a person calls you unless you are texting them to say hey ill give you a call back in a few or i'm busy. Don't start a text conversation when you receive a phone call unless they are just a nuisance, have the decency to call back when you get a moment they are obviously calling about something worth a phone convo.

7. Back 2 Back Texts are Annoying : When a person doesn't respond to your messages you texting over and over again is not the way to get them to respond. This is a sure way to get you left on read receipt, put on "do not disturb", deleted or even blocked. Obviously they do not want to talk, they are busy, or they are just jerks. Whatever it is obsessive texting wont get you a response.

8. Appropriate Texting Hours : If you Are Not intimate with a person, have a set report with someone, or are close family or friends. There is absolutely no reason for you to contact a person after certain hours. This will get you Cursed or put in your place easily.

9. Serious Matters Aren't for Text : If you have a serious issue or matter to discuss unless texting is your Only resort at the moment, save that conversation for an in person interaction or over the phone conversation. Texting is a sure way to misinterpret the meaning of a message and cause all type of confusion.

10. Identify yourself After Time has Lapsed : When you haven't spoken to a person in while, remind them who they are texting. Don't just hop in a conversation or assume a person knows who you are. They could have deleted your number, never saved your number to begin with, or they could have a new phone. Regardless address yourself or expect a possible curve.



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