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Should you be Dating While Broke?

Updated: Apr 12, 2018

Are you unemployed with no money saved up? Are you living paycheck to paycheck with no money stacked to the side ? Are you spending money trying to keep up a facade but can barely pay your rent? Do you constantly borrow money from family and friends with no real means of every repaying them back? This article is about you.

Is It wrong for that chick your dating to want to go on a fancy date to that hot new restaurant? Is it wrong for that guy your dating to want a woman who is a little more self sufficient then living with her parents and working a part time gig making minimum wage?

| Song Reference : TLC - No Scrubs

Ohhh yes son im talking to you! Or shorty cause y'all chicks be out here living broke and sanctified too. The question of the day is should you be dating while broke? The answer is Hell Tf NO! Whats wrong is, for an individual to put themselves in the dating field knowing they have nothing to offer a person but kitty or weener and then get mad when a person then requires things out of you and you can't offer them. Why put yourself in a bind like that when you know for a fact you can't help this chick get her bi-weekly mani/pedi or get her Dobbie done. Why get mad when that guy asks you to bring some groceries over to cook or buy him his favorite snacks when y'all doin Netflix and chill night and ya broke ass don't even have no money on your card for gas or an uber let alone some groceries or his favorite snacks. Why do people get mad when people they are dating are requiring the same things out of them that they been expecting them to do the whole time? I tell you why because they broke and tryna put on a front when they know damn well they need to be focused on getting their life and finances in order both accordingly.

If your dating or trying to date an Individual and you can't hold up you half of the bargain of what the person seeks out a person you need to take a step back from that dating scenario and get all of your shxt in order. If you are a female who is always asking a guy for some coins to pay this, that, and the third but you can never offer him anything in return. Don't be mad when this man finally sees you for what you are a Leach and gets tired of fronting you cash, mans up and says NO. He deserves that right to do that. If your a male don't get angry at the chick your dating because she always wants to try the hottest new restaurants and now you gotta dip back in your savings, so you wanna take some anger out on her because you saying she always wanna go out and do things. You knew exactly what you were getting into when you decided to go after this high maintenance individual. People tend to get amnesia sometimes but when reality sets in it reminds them of just how broke they asses really are.

You don't need to be dating if you stressed about how you gonna pay your bills and how your gonna feed yourself or the individual your dating. If you are newly dating someone they have every right to set standards on what they require out of you as long as they have something to offer you in return thats of added value. Its your responsibility as a grown ass man or woman to make sure you are living comfortably without breaking the bank or having to ask for money all the time from you partner. I feel as tho a person should be able to match the person they are dating at least halfway on whatever it is they require, its give and take in a partnership. You can't solely expect someone to give, give, give and you take, take, take, w/o anything to offer back. Whats gonna happen the person is gonna eventually get tired of you always complaining, begging, negging and find someone more suitable that Truly can meet their standards, No fronting involved. Good dick may keep a female around a bit longer bc its not something you find on a regular easily but ladies that box is replaceable sorry to bust your bubble especially If the other woman has her personal life in order and the head game is off the charts. That man is gonna be out the door no looking back.

Let me Define who im talking about when I say "BROKE". Im Not talking about someone going thru a temporary rough patch. Nor am I talking about individuals who are already dating and know for certain they have something to offer each other but just may be going to hard times momentarily. Nor am I talking about the person who is actively working towards making all their dreams come true. Im talking about the begging chica who wants designer louie, gucci, prada, lavish dinners, tryna keep up with the kardashians but don't have a pot to piss in that she can call her own or a bed frame she can put that mattress on that she's using to sleep on the floor. Im talking about the brother smoking weed all day, playing video games all night, comfortable at his minimal wage paying job, living at his mothers crib and has no actions to change any of his weak ass circumstances in the near future if at all ever change his circumstances.

Lets get into how to identify these characters:

Lazy Larry & Lucy : This is the person who doesn't have a stable job or income but wants to find a bad bxtch to hold him down and sport around his homies like he's the man. Or the chica who's looking for a Come up, she wants a guy with money to take care of her so she can live off the perks of his lifestyle. You have nothing to offer anyone, what makes you think a financially solid man wants you. What makes you think a secure and solid female wants to deal with excuses after another, your empty promises on what you would do if you had this or that constantly laying down pipe dreams. Foh neither one of these individuals deserve anyone.

Begging Bobby & Betty : This is the person who ALWAYS needs a favor, or some money to borrow bc they are living paycheck to paycheck generally bc they are living outside of their means by spending dough on lavish items tryna ball on a high schoolers lunch money budget. You know damn well you don't know how you gonna pay your light bill thats overdue but you will surely ask for some money to go grab some drinks with the fellas or the ladies or buy some new hot merchandise knowing damn well you need to return it . These are the "Dust Buckets" They go around dusting up as many coins as possible from other people so that can survive living the fraudulent lifestyle they portray to be Lit! Usually your Instagram Hotties or your MCM cuties.

Stagnant Sammy & Suzy : This is the person who has a regular 9-5 but has been working the same job/position year after year with no regards to moving up in the company or at least taking on another position that can equal to more coins in their pocket. These individuals usually possess qualities, traits or trades that can get them further but they have no real interest in trying harder then they have too to get ahead in life. These fools remind me of the boring sex after awhile type. You know the ones same ol position, same moves, same tap out game etc. Who would really take you serious when you are comfy living the same broke ass mediocre life but you possess all the tools to have what you want and more out of your future.I know, not everyone is a leader or a boss but everyone damn sure has the capability of having better for themselves especially when they have certain talents and tools that are embedded in them.

All of these characters don't have it in order and shouldn't be out here in these dating ponds because they will likely have complaints when their significant other wants more but they can't offer it to them, or the other person gets tired of being walked all over or used as a cash outlet, or the person finally notices you always have excuses or stories of why you can't do this and that but wanna talk about the "woulda, coulda, shoulds". This article isn't about the person who may not have it all yet but can hold there own ground and offer something IF needed to their partner. This isn't for the people who are experiencing unforeseen circumstances but have a plan in motion to dig their foot out of the quicksand. This strictly for the Broke ass nothing to offer a soul, always asking for something, no secure job having, pipe dreams living, offended easily when they can't offer anything or can't get what they need in return of nothing on their end, Lazy, Begging, Stagnant BROKE individuals. Stay off the dating scene stop leading people on and get your life and finances in order before you try and even take someone serious. Thats the

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