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Nothing To Something: A Hustlers Mentality

We all want success, happiness and a large sum of cash, but we all aren't going after our pursuit of happiness in the same manner. What truly separates the true leaders from the pack is that "Hustler's Mentality". That's a person who is willing to go after what they believe in by any means necessary. We often make excuses for why we are stuck in a rut, or why we couldn't achieve a certain goal, but we all have the same 24 hours in a day. We just aren't all maximizing that time in the same manner. We make time for who and what we want and if you are truly passionate about bettering your life then finding time will be something you make happen regardless of any circumstances.

What separates a Hustler from everyone else is the fact that thee is nothing that can get in their way. When they envision something they are fully ready, equipped, and aware of the gains and losses they may incur in order to succeed. They know how to maximize their time, resources, and surroundings.

Here are three tips to help you get to that Hustlers Mentality and improve the quality of your life and they way you go about achieving your dreams.

1. Go & Get IT

Rather its your dream job or you starting your own business its imperative you create a plan & execute. There is no "being scared in success". Your going to take some L's and even more wins, but if you aren't willing to go thru the process of possible rejection you'll always be waiting in limbo. Nothing on this earth happens by chance. Everything that happens in our life is due to the Cause and Effect Matter. When your putting in the work, your doing the research, and actively working towards implementing or changing your circumstances the effect will be that exposure you wished to gain, that position you wanted in a company, or the financial freedom you've been desiring.

2. Take the Risk

Putting our pride aside is necessary in order to see change occur. Before anyone else will invest in you, you have to first invest in self. Start that LLC, create that webpage, share your talents thru social media. If we aren't actively aligning things together to help us get to the next step, how do we expect to be successful in that area we wish to blossom in ? It damn sure isn't by coincidence. We place to much focus on being Perfectionist at the beginning of our journey, and that's mostly due to us comparing ourselves to another persons advances in life. That's when we have to step back and realize that whoever we are idolizing had to take a leap of faith at some point as well. No one person's blueprint to success will be alike, but what will always remain the same in every success story is the fact that whoever is involved wasn't afraid to take a risk and they continued to work towards what their dreams. Its okay to start small and then go big. Just start the process and focus only on what you have to offer. Build that craft, that skill, that business, or that resume up to the best potential it can be.

3. Work Smarter Not Harder

Between time and cash flow these things seem to be the main reasons are stagnant or either take longer to go after their dreams. With the lack of knowledge or resources people feel they lack, it intimidates many people from getting things off the ground. Fear immediately starts to kick in when people feel as tho they don't have enough personal time, going to give up personal time or have to spend money they may or most times may not have. But being a true Hustler is all about finding a balance and creating an outlet to make what you desire a reality. There are ways to get extra income, or build that platform, or that online boutique that furnishes your lifestyle, or the rest of your dreams that you may want to have full focus on. There are so many outlets out there to help us gain that extra coin and still be able to put our attention on the other passions that we have. Making your money work for you is the Motto of a hustler. Here are are a few outlets to help get the ball rolling.

Online Goods, Supplies, Clothing, ETC: Dropshipping is what you want to look into. It allows a third party company or manufacturer to ship and supply your goods for you and cuts out the hassle of you ever having to place time on shipping and orders. Sources like DropShip Direct, Doba, Sale Hoo are companies you should look into to help start up that business idea.

Homes, Extra rooms, second properties: AirBNB and VRBO are they hottest new trend for people who love to travel but want more of a home environment feel. If you are looking for ways to maximize your coin and you have an extra room in your home, condo, or even have a second property why not have your bills paid for you instead of struggling with overpriced rent or mortgage. If your comfortable with the idea of sharing your space and can use some extra funds what better way to do so then to maximize off of something that's already yours.

Vehicles: Turo, Maven, GetAround are modern aged Rental Car Services but instead of they outdated wave, costly and time consuming hassle of using a rental car service that will charge you major deposits this is travellers dream and a car owners reason to do the "shmoney dance". These outlets allow Car Owners to place their own personal vehicles on these apps to be rented out for use and you personally set the price. Why struggle with that car payment or insurance when you can have a person in need pay it for you by renting it out. No need to worry about insurance or liabilities because all three of these apps have their own insurance included that protects you in the event there is some type of wreck.

There is no excuse why you cant make your dreams come true, implement some of these tips and watch the chips fall into place. Don't forget to like, comment, and share if you dig the content.



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