• Corein Carter

New Year, New You Huh?

How to Avoid The Cycle

We all know everyone starts the New Year with all types of grand ideas of what they want to accomplish, what they are going to give up, and what t are going to give up. But by the time January is halfway thru all those missions, goals , and cutbacks have been either aborted or we have had some major failed attempts. But no need to fear an aborted mission, i'm here to give you five sure tips that will help you keep yourself on track for the remainder of the year, If we so happen to fall off the bandwagon.

1. Cut-Off The Dead Weight.

In order for us to progress in all realms of our life mentally, physically, spiritually, & financially its important to rid of all dead weight. That could be close friends, stressful family members, student loans, certain assets, or your current surroundings. In order to avoid the cycle you have to start over fresh. It may be hard to do but if your focus is truly on you personal progression, its necessary to make major adjustments. If the people in your life aren't adding value to your life then they don't need to be around you. As far as finances go If you know that you are in debt, have student loans, or you just need to focus on money management then what you waiting on. Start tackling that debt now get rid of that extra burden thats prohibiting you from the money you work so hard for.

2. Be Proactive

If their is something you want to achieve there is no better time than now. If you want to get in the best physical shape of your life why wait ? Sign up for that Zumba or Boxing class now, its no point in waiting on your one unreliable friend to figure out If they re really ready to make some healthy changes in their life. This year is about you and all you needs. The same thing can be applied to your dreams, Tomorrow isn't guaranteed. Waiting until we get enough money to start a webpage or not having the following you desire yet off of social media will have us passing time and then we look up 10, 20, 30 years has passed by and we haven't put our hearts into anything that we are truly passionate about. Take that leap for every excuse or barrier that may appear there is a way around it. Start researching ways to complete your goals free, or outlets that can help you. Its no better time than now to go after what we desire.

3. Quit Rushing Things.

Even I need to take this into account. We all want what we want at this given moment. But the isn't how life works unless we are sometype of wizard, and even in that case we have to very careful what we are asking for. For instance lets say you want "Ab's of Steel", you can't expect something as such to appear over night after doing a few crunches. It's a process. You need to be eating right, getting proper rest, and incorporating the exercises in to your routine in the right manner. 6 weeks down the line you may start to reap the benefits of your lifestyle changes but one thing is for certain nothings gonna happen over night. The same logic works for what we desire I our career paths. We can be both motivated and distracted by what we see on social outlets, television, magazines, and also what we have been told. But what we see may be a false reality. We have no idea how hard a person has worked to get in the position they are currently in, who helped them get there, and what it took to become who we see them as today. We can't be in comparison with other peoples journeys, that unique to them and ours will be unique to us. Stop rushing the process.

4. Change Your Surroundings.

Your surroundings and the company you keep speaks volumes about the type of individual you are. Rather we want to admit it or nah, we are connected these people and things because something in us mirrors that energy that surrounds us. Rather that be toxic energy, passive-aggressiveness, anger, hurt, growth, nuturing, or healing we are around these people because something about them resonates with us. The areas we are stagnant in typically have to do with who, where, and what we give our time to. If you are around people with no drive, motivation, or passion for more out of life even tho we may not feel like that necessarily pertains to us it affects us. You may not be as motivated or challenging yourself enough to level-up because your immediate circle is doing the same or matching your energy. The have this whole lame notion thats been pushed of I don't want "No New Friends" but, Let me tell you some of those new friends can potentially help to take you to heights those old friends never had the change in experiencing. Surround yourself with like minded, positive thinking, free- flowing people watch how things began to shift for you.

5. Change Your Mindset.

Whatever you think or believe will be your reality. If you believe you aren't good enough for something or someone thats exactly what your life will consists of. If you believe you don't have the tools to succeed and make your life better, thats how you life will be. Are you seeing the picture I'm tryna paint here for you? How about we see what happens when we think positive. Try this one for starters, "This year will be one of the best years of my life." or " I will take control over my finances". We've all heard of the phrase "Ask, Believe, Receive" right? Will honey im here to tell your there is massive power in your thoughts. What we dwell on and put our focus on is what will be handed to us so lets change they way we say things and what we are speaking about when it pertains to our wants and needs. There is might power in the tongue, speak with intent.



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