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Double Standards

Are Men and Woman Judged differently on their life experiences?

Let's be Honest here. We live in a world where we are constantly being judged on pretty much anything we do. From the way we dress, the food we eat, the type of job we work and of course who we choose to lay up with. Unfortunately, the judgement isn't equal or most of the times fair. When it boils down to it Men and Woman are looked at from a totally different perspective when it comes to the views of the Modern world. Things like who should be the breadwinner, stay-at-home paren ting, roles in the workplace, and the basic principle of voicing an opinion are just a few of the things that come to surface when we think of double standards.

The major Trend that has been forever engraved around the onset of Double Standards is most peoples favorite activity, SEX. Both parties participate in it but the scales are tipped quite a bit when it comes down to who can and can't do what. Unless of course it's beneficial in some sort of way. Have you ever stopped and asked yourself why is that if Tommy and Joy both enjoy sexual encounters, Tommy is deemed as a winner while Joy is looked at with shame and disgust. It seems sort of contradictory.

Lets jump into some major questions that leave people looking for answer, they may be unable find.

1. What has led to Double standards in today's society?

The fact that men and woman aren't considered equals in many fields speaks volumes in itself. Gender roles play a huge part in the way the world works. The Man is the supposed to be the provider, the woman is the stay at home mom. The man is supposed to be strong, while the woman is supposed to be sensitive and caring. Am I painting a clear picture here? Roles and titles as such have people believing we are bound to strict positions in life, when in reality we are not. Especially seeing as tho woman having now taken on such a huge role in society. Ever since WWII woman have had to be the sole providers and leaders in the home and also take on jobs in the real world because their men were away at war. We can even take a step further and go as deep as saying when the government assistance and the "fake" War on Drugs in America happened in the Black community and stripped many of our men away from the home, it forced woman to take on responsibilities that weren't as common to a woman's nature. But we are here now, in the work fields hustling just as hard or even harder than some men. But yet and still why are woman paid less in certain fields, deemed incapable of performing certain duties, ridiculed when expressing themselves in certain manners? It's bc that good ol" double standard applies in many of these unfortunate situations.

2. Can Men can handle a Woman who is more successful then he is?

It seems to be a heavy clash when it comes to this topic only because Ego tends to get involved. Personally I Believe it all depends on the individual. No one man is exactly the same. With that being said it has to deal with more of what type of woman a man requires in his life. Some man prefer successful boss chica's that can match their personal work ethic and determination in life. On the downside Far to many want a woman who they can control, someone who is passive aggressive and won't have a problem with their man being the sole shot caller. This is all based upon the security within the individual person.

3. Does Sexual Patterns or Partners shape the character of a person if they male or female?

In today's society women and men are both doing the nasty more often then some should be. But when it comes down to the nitty-gritty of things, why are the views on sex weighed so differently when it comes to men and woman. A man can have five different sexual partners at any given moment, whereas a woman could have one guy she slept with for a period of time get out that situation and month or so down the line she meets another guy who she is active with. Shame and guilt is placed upon this woman for not taking her time before rocking the boat again, but on the other hand a guy is deemed "the man" if he has a heavy rotation full a woman to choose from on his smash list. A woman could enjoy a few dirty pleasures inside the bedroom and she will be called everything from a freak to a "hoe", meanwhile a guy can equally enjoy those same dirty pleasures and his character is never questioned, commented on, or altered. Now where's the fairness in that?

4. Are woman and men given the same respect in the work field?

Woman are now some of the biggest pioneers in the some of the biggest industries that were for so long male dominated. Every field from medicine, aviation, television, wall street and even sports you can now see woman excelling and making a name for themselves. But yet, the aren't being paid the same as there male colleagues. They are forced to prove themselves twice as harder. They are even skipped over for certain positions that are historically male dominated because some may go as far as saying they "don't know if a woman can get the job done". Why do we think this is tho? As woman have proved themselves time and time again that they are more than capable to lead, rule, and reign, why is so much doubt and fear still present in this day and age.

5. Are woman and men who speak their mind freely seen differently?

A man can go in a room and speak to an audience with anger, aggression, lets just throw it out there and at hate. That men will be looked at by his peers and society as fearless, a hero, and and example of change. But if a woman was to go in to the same room with the same audience they could stand the chance of being labeled unstable, problematic, chaotic, controversial, angry, or just plain crazy. Why can't both parties been seen as passionate and avid believers in what they are speaking on? The world we live in likes to silence woman often by making them feel like its always coming from a place of negativity when they speak out against the odds.

With some many differences in the way man and woman are judged it makes it seem as tho are or can we ever really see eye to eye with one another or is it always gonna be a constant battle of sexes. There has to be some resolve some where but for now we see life thru two totally different lenses.

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