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Being Submissive

Is being submissive a form of weakness?

Submission seems to be a hot topic in our society today. With so many woman on the "Pro- Feminism" Band Wagon a question has been posed. Have woman lost the art of being submissive to their man? When it comes to the state of mind that many woman have today it has to do with that fact that woman are just as career-driven as men now, they own they own businesses, homes, and assets, just like men. But where the issue arises is where women feel like since they have their own, they may feel like what is the exact purpose of a man in their life besides the occasional sexual encounter.

"Submission" in the dictionary is defined as, The act of yielding to a superior force ,will, or authority of another. When it comes to a woman wanting to submit to a man in this society, it all boils down to a man making his woman feel comfortable in all aspects of her life. Reassurance is often lacking or missing in many relationships which causes an already solid, independent, career-oriented woman to possibly stray away from wanting to be that soft feminine being that lets her man lead.

Going as far back as WWII woman have taken on the role as the mother, the father, the provider and the nurturer because their men weren't around. If we take it to today's society Minority woman have been Forced to take on these same roles because their men have been striped from the home and thrown in jail, killed in the straights, or either are involved in lifestyles not suitable for a family aspect. With woman now doing many of the same things as men are, i think that Strong warrior type of woman needs a man that's really going to provide her with something that she can't provide for herself. That boils down to a support system and and stability in an array of areas.

In my personal opinion i think men are woman are each others equal and we are placed on this earth to create balance in each others life. I believe we are already whole within ourselves, and that another person that comes in our surroundings should add value to our lives, our cause, and our passions. This is when i believe a woman will submit and a man will commit. The woman who can't see the purpose of you being around will never submit because she is either stuck in her own head or you yourself don't have enough to offer her and can't support her mentally, physically, financially, & spiritually.

I think when it comes down to being submissive one of the main things that plays a determining factor is Who Deserves Being Submissive To?

Every man a woman dates Does Not deserve her being submissive to him. A man who is fearless in his career and his relationship will have a woman wanting to "be all she can be" because he not only inspires her but he gives her certainty that he can be present in the aspects that are important to her. Submission is also about creating healthy boundaries, a man that allows his woman to bask in her own glory rather that be professionally, artistically, thru her personal style, or just letting her be her unique self without limiting what she embodies, makes a woman feel secure in their relationship but in the fact that her man accepts who and what she stands for and he isn't tryna build a bear.

Another popular question that men want to know is Are modern woman willing to allow a men to lead?

Most woman want a man to be the head of the household. This requires a man knowing how to lead and plan for the future. A strong woman wants a man who she can trust, someone that shows her that he is protector, a provider, and man of his word. When any uncertainty arises that causes a woman to feel that man isn't capable of being that leader that she requires. She will take charge herself and submission goes out there door at that point. Most woman will be willing to allow their man to lead them but only if he has the characteristics of putting their lives in a better position. For an independent woman to want to allow her man to lead she has to know the value of compromise, how much is too much, and what is necessary to do so in order to build for their future. For that strong woman who has so much against her in her day to day, building her career, having to be so tough because she has to make her presence known, she actually wants a man who can take some of that burden off her shoulders, someone where she can relax, take off her mask and be that soft, feminine, vixen that she is underneath all those layers. Most woman aren't tryna be the man, they just haven't come across a man who can step up to plate and help take a load of her mental first and possibly other areas later.

The biggest question around this subject is simply this, Is being Submissive seen as a form of weakness?

A woman has to see the act of submitting as a choice that she has and not something that is required when entering a relationship. I believe the act of submitting has gotten a bad rep bc it seems as tho the man has all the power and control. And that is not what its based off of at all. It has to do with as system of checks and balances, the act of knowing what our roles are in this life and accordingly living out those roles. Now i'm not talking about the role a woman cooking and cleaning the crib while the man goes to work and pays the bills. I'm talking about the art of Yin & Yang. Allowing your man to be a provider, a protector and a woman being a nurturer, a stabilizer, an assessor. Instead of one party feeling like they have to be everything when we submit to our man we create balance that ultimately creates strength in a relationship because you allow your man to be strong in the areas that he was created for and vice versa. Its nothing weak about a woman submitting when both parties look at it from the standpoint of being able to carry strength in those areas we are naturally designed for.

Being submissive isn't dead. Look at it from the view of a teamwork aspect. Lets even use sports as a reference. On a team each player individually has there own task that helps the team come together collectively to win when they work together. It's the same thing when it comes to submission. When a woman allows a man to be a man and the natural leader he is supposed to be and a man allows his woman to add input, value, and they collectively make decisions together as a team they will always be in position to win.

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