• Corein Carter

9 ways to Identify a Narcissist

Do you live off of compliments from others? Are you obsessed

with the image of your self? Do you feel like you need to be treated more special than others? Do you have a need for Control?

1. The "Vanity" Fair Issue

If every time you walk past a mirror you cant help to stop and admire yourself, or you cant stay off of social media checking how many likes or comments you received on your posts. You are certainly a little self absorbed and defintely a healthy dose of Vane.

2. Superiority Complex

If you are someone that needs to be in control over EVERY SINGLE THING, you may have an issue. You have the need to feel like you have to be the boss all the time or have the final say in a conversation or overpower someone elses actions, you think you are superman or superwoman huh. Guess what you arent

3. Lack of Boundaries

A person who can just use people to get what they want or need with no regards to the affect it may have on other people, is a dangerous person. They have no care for the outcome of things they here and now is their main focus. Rather it be money, sex, time, affection, etc these people are prime example of a narcissist.

4. Hates Criticism

Someone who has the ability to always dish out their opinion or thoughts about something but isn't willing to let someone else give their two cents on a matter may have a little bit of an issue. Its two sides to a coin, heads arent always gonna win in a battle.

5. Center of Attention

If you are constantly seeking instant gratification thru compliments, people watching you every move, or following your lead.

6. Lack of Empathy

Someone could be really going thru something in life and if all you can think about is yourself, what you missing out on, or how its not benefitting your needs. First of all your an asshole, secondly your wayyyyy too self absorbed.

7. Sense of Entitlement

If you feel as tho you are "Special" and should be treated in a certain manner or better than others. You my friend are delusional everyone deserves to be treated fairly not just you.

8. Jealousy

If you are a person that gets upset when the focus isn't on you or tries to move the attention away off on either people to be in the spotlight. You may even go as far as make rumors, start some drama, or make slick remarks. You certainly qualify.

9. Competitive

A person who make bets or wagers just to prove they are capable (or think they are capable) of doing something someone is doing just to show off is sure runner for Narcissist King or Queen.



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