• Corein Carter

7 Ways You Know She's Dickmatized?

Being dickmatized is the state of frenzy a woman enters when she can't control her emotions, actions, and odd behavior patterns because she is under a spell of some amazing pipe. (pipe and the individual himself cause different effects, he himself may not be as great )

1. When he is able to text you in the middle of the night while your sleeping with the "WYD" text :

If you automatically jump up to respond and prepare the mood and yourself for him to come over, baby you are dickmatized, you damn well you was knocked tf out sleeping but you'll do anything for the D.

2. You start getting emotional and start thinking the most absurd things when he doesn't respond back to text or phones calls after only 1 min :

When you go into auto-pilot cray cray because this man didn't respond back fast enough, ma'am you are definitely under the spell.. relax he could be doin anything (what that anything is, is up for debate depending on each unique case)

3. You start buying gifts for him:

When you start picking up little random things that you think may make his day or that he may want, honey Chile you are whipped like some icing on a cake.

4. You stalk his Social media to make sure no unusual comments pop up or that he is up to no BS:

If you keep checking his pages to see whats new, if any newbies started following him or if he is on line and hasn't responded back to you bay-bee you are sprung.

5. When he start acting crazy, but your crazier and will pull on the kid wherever he at to address him:

When he think he got the last word in the argument but you not having it so you hop in the whip or uber and confront him for the foul shxt he said. Don't matter if its the crib or the club. You are not playing with him sis but you've hit the deep end.

6. You start planning your imaginary wedding and hashtags to go along with it:

When she starts coming up with plans for the wedding that he has no idea exist because y'all haven't spoken about it, sweetheart im here to tell you that you're out of your looney mind.

7. You start considering having this man baby because you wanna she little you & him running around or because you wanna trap his ass:

If you start planning your future with kids involved, lady you have ultimately been mind fucked.



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