• Corein Carter

7 Questions You ask to figure out if a person is worth your Time

When dating a new prospect its essential to go thru the getting to know each other phase accordingly. One of the easiest things to forget or get intimidated to do is to ask the appropriate questions to see if a person is even up to your own standards before you take it too far. I'm gonna give a few prime questions that can help you decipher rather or not a person is worth giving your time to.

1. Are you still healing from a past breakup?

9 times out of 10 if a person still is harboring ill feelings towards a breakup or hasn't yet cut ties with an old ex who holds a dear spot in their heart, you may want to reconsider your options because a person who isn't fully over a situation wont be able to give their full focus to you.

2. What are deal breakers for you while dating?

Asking ahead of time what things could be make or break in the beginning phases of dating can spare you your time and heartbreak when you disclose what does and doesn't work for you as well as the individual involved.

3. Is religious beliefs or spiritual views important to you and if so what is your current viewpoint?

Religion and spiritual beliefs can cause a huge roadblock in relationships when you don't see eye to eye on your belief system or when you don't understand the lifestyle of a particular person that believes certain things. Having a conversation about where you both stand on your views will cut off the dead weight early when you know you aren't going to date or not open to dating a person with different viewpoints.

4. What can a person offer you at this point in your life?

Knowing the wants and needs of a potential dating prospect will help you determine rather or not you can or want to provide them with those things they are seeking in someone.

5. Do you feel you are Mentally Available for a full dating experience?

If a person knows that at the current point they are at in their life that they are limited on the time the can give or wont be able to make you a focus point in their life currently that's a clear cut route for you to exit stage left. Why waste time on someone you know isn't prepared to fully date you appropriately because they mind is focused on other things.

6. Is sex a make or break item while dating you? If its off the table are you still interested in dating?

Knowing the sexual appetite of the individual you are trying to get to know is an absolute must. It may be uncomfortable to talk about sex for some but its necessary to do so just so you can understand what a person is truly desiring out of you. If sex is off the table and they cant or aren't willing to take the time to get to know you without it being introduced you can chuck them the deuces because they aren't what you need.

7. What is your 1 year plan for your life? What is your 5 year plan?

When you get insight on the path a person is trying to lead themselves down you can decide if that aligns with what you have in mind for a partner and whether or not you want to be involved or if it doesn't suit what you imagine for your personal life. Everyone's path is different but knowing what a person wants from the future and seeing if they are actively building towards will give you an idea if that person is a match made in heave or just a waste of space.


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