• Corein Carter

6 Natural Alternatives To Implement to Your Lifestyle

We live in world where everything from our food, our water, our air and our environments are filled with toxic additives. Its hard to determine what we should or shouldn't be consuming with so much false advertising and uncertain facts surrounding the things we put in and outside our bodies. The one thing that we can be sure of is that all natural and pure organic items will never stray us wrong when used in accordance with a regularly healthy lifestyle, eating habits, and proper use. I will give a few tips on natural alternatives that you may or may not have known of that can change some those bad habits you have forever.

1. Almonds Versus Aspirin For a Headache

Get rid of the medication and pick up 10-12 almonds when you have a headache. Almonds contain a high amount of Magnesium which is known for its properties to help relax muscles, reduce stress, and rid of headaches. Salicin is also found in almonds which is an anti-inflammatory agent that's also included in over-the-counter pain medicine.

2. Baking Soda Versus Teeth Whitening Agents

Looking for a safe and effective alternative to help the appearance of your smile, try using Baking soda mixed with Hydrogen Peroxide to get rid of those stains of the surface of your teeth. Use two (2) tablespoons of Hydrogen Peroxide and one (1) tablespoon of Baking soda to create a gritty paste and then start brushing, let it sit for a minute or so and rinse normally. This is actually a remedy that's approved by Colgate.com which is huge leading brand in the dental industry. Raw Pressed Coconut Oil is also another awesome alternative to remove plaque, whiten your teeth, and leave your mouth feeling great, its a bit more effort tho. Look into it!

3. Activated Charcoal Versus Pepto Bismol ("The Super Hero" for skin, teeth, and internal use)

Activated Charcoal is amazing for so many things, acne, teeth whitening, and stomach aches its an all around Staple item you should have in your home as an instant lifesaver. Instead of using Pepto BIsmol and those other over-the-counter items that have so many harsh ingredients in it that end up harming us in the long way try using activated charcoal tablets to relieve stomach pains, gas, diarrhea, acid reflux, and bloating. Hospitals actually use it in cases of drug overdose and accidental poisoning because of its ability to fully absorb toxins. This is perfect for those nights when you know you are gonna be wasted take 2 tablets before hand on a full stomach and take 2 after your night ends to avoid those pesky next day hangovers, trust me on this! (Ginger root and pure ginger tea is another awesome remedy for tummy aches)

4. Colloidal Silver Versus Antibiotics

This is deemed one the best natural alternatives to antibiotics like amoxicillin that are proven to harm our natural flora and digestive tract, kidneys and liver functioning. Colloidal silver is known for its properties to fight bacteria's, rids of inflammation, promotes healing in infected organs. The FDA has threatened colloidal silver companies because of its amazing healing abilities, its cheaper, safer, and extremely effective which ultimately hurts their pockets in the profit margin of antibiotics being sold and prescribed.

5. Henna Versus Hair Dye

Unlike the harsh chemicals that are present in hair dye try this safer alternative to making your hair grow, shine, and look amazing. The natural hair dye stains your hair strains and it takes quite longer to fade then your typical commercial 'box" hair dye. Henna has no damaging properties. Like anything you would want to make sure you are getting a 100 percent pure form of the dye to make sure it doesn't have any synthetic properties in it that can harm your hair. Henna is a herbal powder that has been around for hundreds of years, its also popular for its dandruff and scalp itching abilities. Today its very popular for its trendy temporary tattoos that everyone loves to rock on there vacations. Guys instead of that beloved "Bigen" hair dye many seem to love,  you may wanna try this instead. *winks*

6. Valerian Root Versus Sleeping pills

If you are looking for something to help you dose off without crazy side effects, your in luck. Valerian root is a tall flowering plant that primarily grows in Europe, Asia, and some parts of North America. It has mild sedative properties that help with issues such as sleeping disorders (insomnia) and anxiety. The root is the part of the plant used either in capsule form or you can get the root itself and steep it as a tea to help aid you in a natural state of sleep. Valerian roots full effects are recorded on record as being best experienced after about a week and half of use. This allows the body to get acclimated to the natural sedative and fully work on your nervous system.




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