• Corein Carter

5 tips to prioritize your life

Updated: Jul 2, 2018

In a world where everything else comes before our own well being, we sometimes forget how to make ourselves come first. I mean if we don't focus on things that we want out of life what would we actually ever accomplish. Things like work, school, children, and relationships often take the lead but when we learn how to balance our time correctly we can still make these things a priority and still focus on whats important to us as well. I will share a few tips that can help you live a well balanced life and not feel as tho something has to be put on the back burner in order to function normally.

1. Set Weekly Goals

When we set weekly goals on focus on whats ahead of us in the near future we take stress off our plate by trying to give light to the things that need to be accomplished versus what can wait. Its seven days in a week and if you set a goal for each day to accomplish you can better focus versus trying to squeeze in time to get everything done in a single day.

2. Ask for Help

We are not robots nor do we know every trick or trade there is in life. If we set aside our pride and ask a friend, family member, colleague, or even a stranger about certain things that we cant seem to breakdown or figure out we could easily gain a wider perspective of what once was mind blowing to us.

3. Create a Hobby

Alot of people claim they are bored or they want to do more of this, that , and the third but never do so. They easiest way to learn a new trade or gain a peace of mind is thru trying new things and sticking to it. If you want to feel as tho you are doing something for yourself, start that yoga class, enroll in that photography course to better your blog or instagram post, subscribe to that book club and read up on some self help books to get you going. If we have 30 extra minutes in each day why not use it doing something that we enjoy doing.

4. Plan for the future

If you know you want to go on vacation at least once in the summer time or you know it about time for that new car, or even a new sofa, why not download an app where you can deduct money from your check to put aside so you can save up for that fun trip, that reliable car, or a better couch that your dog hasn't ripped apart. Whats $20, $50, $75 being set aside for an experience that you've dreamed of or that peace of mind on the road. Try an app out like Digit, Chime, or Clarity Money to help plan for those rainy days or that bae-cation.

5. Read More

I can't stress the importance of this more. READ MORE. If there is a business endeavor you are interested in, a spiritual path you want to align with, if there is some history you want to learn more about, why the hell haven't you ordered that e-book you can read on your phone, or synced that audio book you can listen to while your driving. Its some many great tips laying out there in a book that can really change our entire thought process on something. What exactly are you waiting on and why. If you drive, ride, or fly to work and don't like to read why haven't you downloaded that audio book about bitcoin which you are so interested in investing in. Or if you have a lot of leisure time and you stay reading the gossip columns why haven't you downloaded that book about becoming your own boss or that book about getting over a bad break up. Whatever your flavor may be the tools that lay inside of a book will take you further then any Instagram meme or wack chat room that's using up all your time.



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