• Corein Carter

5 Signs They Aren't Really Into You

1. They don't respond back to text or calls about making concrete plans

_This is a sure bet that they are playing with your time, anyone interested will make time and coordinate in a timely and appropriate manner.

2. They don't have much input or don't engage much when you are trying to converse.

_You can best believe a male or female that wants you is gonna be on their inspector gadget detective duties. They'll be asking hella questions, have mad input and/or advice, and asking for opinions and giving them.

3. They go missing for days, possibly weeks or months w/o any notice or legit reasoning on why they went ghost.

_ Run MFr. If a person who goes missing with no legit reason or real proof, you can surely believe they are playing all type of games. They either got a plethora of options, an ex they are in love with has resurfaced, or your just a placeholder for when they are bored and unoccupied. Cut ALL Ties!

4. Forgets to invite you to events or gatherings but always seem to have some type of company there with them.

_If you are first on the list trust me they are going to want to sport you on their arm no matter how frequently you guys see each other. If she can invite her girlfriend TeTe or he can invite his college buddy, they could of easily thought of you and hit you to join the fun.

5. "Fake Drama" always occurs when you seem to be getting close

_ A person who always seems to have drama popping up when things appear to be goin really good is someone you need to watch out for. If they really deal with you in the manner they claim to then they will allow you to be a support system for them and not push you away. They create ''Fake drama" to push you away w/o the pressure of being labeled a jerkoff this goes for both males and females.



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