• Corein Carter

5 People Who Have Their "Black Card Revoked"

Updated: Apr 27, 2018

1. Kanye West

Kanye or should i say "Kardashye" has been out of pocket lately, not only has he made a statement saying that "Racism is an outdated Concept" but this man who was the same man who proclaimed very publicly that former president Bush "didn't care about Black people" was recently on twitter professing his love for Trump and how he felt they "We're both have dragon energy, he is my brother." I'm not sure if 'Ye hasn't been watching the news or if he's not aware of what Trump is doing with DACA but he is lost. If this 'ish don't remind you of Jordan Peele's movie "Get Out" idk what does. Lord please bring back "College Dropout" Ye please, but for now his black card is revoked.

2. Lil' Kim

"Will the Real Lil KIm please stand up". Listen here growing up in Jersey during the early 90's Kim, Puffy, Big, Foxy were some of my fav's to name a few. But nah son i don't even know who this woman is anymore. First off i can't tell if I'm in a bad dream and the movie "White Chicks" is playing over and over again with trash makeup, hair and plastic body parts but, I'm very disturbed. The fact that Kim stated that she was a "Spanish girl trapped in a black girls body" and that being " A Regular black girl wasn't good enough" shows me why i can never take her serious again. Big time Clown activity idk what cup she "sippeth" from but she needs to stay off it because she's cancelled around these parts and her black card is revoked indefinitely.


First and Foremost with a name Like Omarosa "I CAN NOT" in the most black woman tone of voice that there is, take you serious for taking any side other than your own peoples, black people that is. I'm really not sure if she has self hatred, if she is insecure, if she has been teased or bullied as a black woman or maybe a combination of all of these things but ma'am i need you to take a step back look and the mirror and remember you are a sister and no matter how hard you to fit in with you european weave that look a damn mess on her anyway, or botoxed face you will never be one of them. They are laughing at you my dear, and quite frankly we don't want you on our side either your most recent comments after Trump literally threw you out the Dog House oops i mean White House will not give you a pass to be all Black and Proud you are the definition of a Coon and your Black Card is shredded to pieces exit left.

4. Stacey Dash

Lets get this clear a woman who played on a show called "Clueless" and was once a video vixen doing half naked photoshoot's and music videos for black music stars wants us to believe that she's down for the cause and the cause being the Republican party. "Girl Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee." Who hurt this woman like 'nah forreal tho. We will never take you serious. Stacey we understand you are going thru an identity crisis but, listen here buddy we need you to pick a side and choose one, quick. You can't go from being in Kanye videos who was the most Pro Black artist at the time when he first hit the scene, to saying "Black History Month Shouldn't Exist" your wishy washy and for that reason your black card is revoked.

6. Lil Wayne

Sir i just want to truly and sincerely tell you how disappointed i am of you. This bozo had the audacity to say "Racism doesn't Exist." This another fool who has "sippeth" from the wrong cup. You mean to tell me that an individual who looks like he Human form of Master Splinter from Ninja Turtles (just add tattoos on his face and body) hasn't experienced some type of racism, yeah ok. Maybe he was too high off the lean, molly, weed, and coke to realize he was being discriminated against. Whatever the case may be he's cancelled like Christmas in a Black Panthers house hold. Your black card is revoked son.



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