• Corein Carter

4 Tips to Help Raise Your Level Consciousness

Updated: Aug 4, 2018

When you think about being aware what typically comes to mind? Besides being vigilant in your everyday life, like if someone is watching or following you and making sure you don't enter the wrong part of town alone, there are so many other important aspects that make a difference in rather we are actually being aware of whats affecting our lives. Taking a step aside to look at what things play a factor in how we function on a daily basis can really help us view life from a totally different perspective and can allow us to live in a manner where our focus is only on the things that are beneficial to sustaining a healthy and happy lifestyle. My goal is to give a few tips that can make a major impact in the level of insightfulness we use everyday and how to help relieve doubts and stress in those grey areas of our life.

1. Think it Into Existence

When we think of the phrase "you get what you give" this not only applies to efforts in our physical world but also in our mental playing field. What we give energy to and think about the most are the things that take the front seat in our lives. Always harboring over the negative things or stressing about the "woulda, coulda, shoulda's" is exactly what our reality will become. What we put focus on should be the things that only have a positive affect on our lives, if we think we a great and truly believe it without a doubt that is exactly what we will experience in our life. Every successful person thought they would be successful and that is exactly what life gave them. Your thoughts are beyond powerful so be very careful to only think about a solution and a means to create better circumstances out of things. The brain is a muscle so we have to train it to believe that what we require and want is really already ours. Eliminate words like "can't, won't, isn't," out of your vocabulary alone and what the settle changes that begin to take place.

2. Free Yourself of Limitations

When we live life bounded by what should and shouldn't be it hinders us from experiencing things that are beyond our wildest dreams. There is a difference between having limitations and having the power to use discernment in situations that aren't beneficial to our highest good. When it comes to something like our career and we want to further our quality of life, we can not say we aren't going to move to a different state because it isn't in the idea or the mold that we initially envisioned. We have to be open to the idea that this new opportunity may be just what we are looking for, it could actually lead us right where we have always wanted to be. When it comes to love we can't say we want love but limit ourselves from a person because they aren't our usual "type" or because they aren't doing some of things you are used to encountering while dating. If we let go of all limits we have on certain aspects in our lives and truly focus on the things we wish to receive without having a "but" added to the list we could really make way for positive changes and also breakthru's to come about.

3. Surround Yourself with Positivity Always

Our surroundings play a crucial part in how we cope with things, identify situations, and what our perception simply is. When you think about it people, places, and things such as social media affect our entire mindset and how we see things thru our eyes. If we surround ourselves with people who are always gossiping and never have any positive input to add to your life, or you frequent the same social environments or clubs where people are just sort of existing or trying to fit in or, we jump on social media everyday and our timeline is cluttered with negative words or disrespectful images this is what our reality begins to mold into rather or not we meant for it to be this way or not. when we actually step out of ourselves and think about what currently is surrounding us if we can not name at least 3 ways theses surroundings (people, places, things) add value to us its time for us eliminate them and implement things that resonate with the greatness we wish to see in ourselves and our lives.

4. Visualize It

The phrase "Seeing it is Believing It" is so cliche but it's soooooo true. In order for us to truly manifest what it is they we are seeking in our life we have to be able to see it in front of our eyes for it to make sense. When we create vision boards, journals, chalkboards, or even sticky notes we are creating lengths for us to connect continuously with the things most important to us. Being able to journal or see our vision board, analyze the pictures or words, recite them out loud and then believe it fully in our heart, slowly but surely those things that we see and recite become our reality. Some would call it magic but its just the common law of attraction, what we see as our reality is exactly what it will be. If you believe you aren't worthy enough of that promotion or that relationship then no matter if deep down you want it wont occur because all you see and think of are the things that aren't possible to you because you simply don't believe. When you truly desire something and believe that you will receive those things you surely will.



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