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3 Quick Tips on How to Stay Inspired

There is no "Life Hack" on how to always be motivated. We are human beings not robots we bound to have ups and downs and off moments, and even those robots need fine tuning sometimes. It so easy for all us to lose focus, get off track, or become unmotivated. With things like social pressures, media platforms, and just our own personal inner turmoil, we can fall off the bandwagon easily. Trust it happens more often then people like to admit. But don't be too discouraged there are some key factors that could help you from being completely off track.

Im here to tell you just as easy as it is to fall off, if you implement the right tools it'll be just as easy to come out on top. With a few small tips like these if you're feeling in a slump, I could bet you following these quick tips will help keep you in check, focused and inspired to keep thriving.

1. Reading is Fundamental

Pick up a Book. We all need that extra push sometimes, to help get a fire under our a**es. How else would you gain more insight in those stocks you're interested in. How could you possibly want to acquire more knowledge about aligning your chakras if you don't read some enlightened text on it? Are you really ready to implement those new business steps if you haven't taken the time to read up on the best techniques to do so? I tell people all the time you can assume what you may but if you haven't actually taking the time to fully read up on whatever subject it that you claim to be interested how could you fully come to a conclusion about may work for you.

2. Your Tribe is Your Vibe

Everyone on earth knows the famous catch phrase "Birds of a Feather Flock Together." Well when it comes to staying inspired this is the most accurate statement at hand that will determine rather or not your focus is in the right place. Of course it isn't always easy to make new friends in our Adult age but in order for us to prosper if we aren't aligning ourselves with likeminded individuals, what exactly are we doing? Its not to say that we need to get rid of our current friends (although if they aren't adding value to your core being you probably should), its mostly so about connecting with individuals who have a passion for the same things that make us tic. If your a tech guru then you might want to surround yourself with people that share that same interest more often. Not only will you learn more but it could broaden your horizons. If you're one on a spiritual journey but all of your friends are devote Religious groupies, you may want to find you a few friends who know a thing or two about meditation. When we aren't properly surrounding ourselves in environments and with people that share our same passions it could often make us want to repress a certain side of us. Expand your circle, because what you surround yourself around reflects back on you.

3. Separate Business From Pleasure

Being one track all the time is no good for the soul. We all want to get to the bag, live our dream lifestyles, and a plathora of other things that are on our life to do list. But I can promise you if you don't at least set aside some time to indulge in something that's important to you its not gonna be all sunshine on that road to your self proclaimed happiness. Yeah sure you may have work events that can help you leverage, anchor, and even excel you to the next level but where you truly happy in that room? Of course that's a form of pleasure as well when we are able to excel to new heights but if you getting off work to continue work and have not room for some type of activity or venture that truly excites you, you'll lose your freaking and possible slip from focus. Make room for a lil indulging in your life rather that be ice cream, a night out with friends, a spa day, people watching (let me specify we aren't talking about stalking lol) ,or even a lil rendezvous. All business with no play will leave you feeling depleted.

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