• Corein Carter

10 Must-Haves For Travellers

Traveling can become quite the headache from packing, to getting thru tsa, to learning social etiquette in the country or city your going to. Such a desired thing can easily become a headache if you aren't prepared in the right manner. Luckily I'm the ultimate "Travel Guru" and I've got you covered on all your essentials to make your travel experience one for the books.

1. Portable Charger/Battery Pack

Staying connected is so important in today's world, from work emails, to social media fun, to watching the big game online, or even those oh so dear texts from "bae". While traveling it may be difficult to find a convenient place to charge up. With a battery pack handy you will be able to stay connected easily. Generally battery packs can last anywhere up to 8 hours to a few days depending on the brand. Places like Best Buy, Walmart, Target, and Amazon Prime are great choices to shop. Prices range between $12.99 - $60

2. Copies of Identification

Things happen and sometimes life is unexpected but we can prepare and be a step ahead of the game. I suggest in an event of an emergency you take photos of your ID, Passport, and Major credit card. I know its sounds like a lot but anything could happen while abroad and you want to be fully prepared in the event there of. Email your documents to yourself, store them in your iCloud storage or go old fashioned and take photo copy and put them in a safe once you get to your hotel. I promise you getting in the habit of covering your ass will come in handy one day.

3. International Wall Convertor/Adapter

Even tho Apple devices are worldwide, the handy adapter piece we all cant live without isn't worldwide. When you cross the blue seas you will find out your handy adaptor piece won't fit in any outlets. Its crucial to carry a universal adaptor piece with you when you travel overseas. You will also find out that as crazy as it sounds a "universal adaptor" isn't so universal Europe and the Middle East wall convertors are different. Go to Amazon or Best Buy to buy an adaptor thats appropriate for where you are traveling to. MAXAH universal travel adapter plug is a great one to invest in. $6.99 on Amazon.

4.Spare Cash

Yes, Credit Cards and Debit Cards are great to have but they can be a pain in behind sometimes when it comes to traveling. You can incur overage coverages, possible fraud, or accidentally overspend. Its always best to carry cash on you in the event that those handy-dandy cards become a hassle instead of help. In the situation that your cards are jammed, lost or stolen or simply just not working, make certain you have spare cash on you that can last you the length of your stay away from home.

5. Refillable Water Bottle

Often times when your traveling your on the go your doing excursions, site-seeing, or just out on the beach catching some much needed rays. Whatever the occasion may be once you fly across the blue sky's in the USA, you will realize that tap water is not something you will be able to get at restaurants and the bottles of water that are available at alot of the restaurants come with a Hefty price tag. Carrying a portable water that you can fill up at your convenience will save you time, money and a hassle instead of spending an arm and a leg every time you get thirsty. Dollar Tree, Dollar General, Walmart, and any Local Grocery store will have these ranging from $1-$10.

6. Light Coat/Jacket

Traveling can be quite unpredictable, One minute you could be basking in the golden sun the next you could be dealing with a brisk evening breeze. Save yourself from the shivers and always carry a light coat something preferably with a hood that you can pack and wear thru all seasons while you are on the go. This will also come in handy when you are in the airport or traveling on the plane where you can't control the temperature. Roll-Up Jackets are a great investment since they are lightweight and they are easy to pack. Prices Range from $19.99- $100 plus

7. Pen

From feeling out customs forms, to finishing crossword in the back of the airplanes magazine, or just simply needing something to write with once your handy phone dies. Having a pen to travel can certainly come in handy while on the road.

8. Pepto To the Rescue

Traveling to new places can be fun. Indulging in new food and drink can be a gift and both a curse..... to your stomach. While on the go its important to carry some meds to alleviate some of those gut wrenching pains. Over-The-Counter tablets like Pepto Bismol, Tums, Gas-X, or Imodium are great items to carry on you when chowing down away from home. Your local CVS, Walgreens, Target or Walmart will be able to aid you on your travel journeys. Prices Range from $3- $12

9. List of All Important Contacts

Being so far away from home is a lot of fun but keeping in contact with friends and family is super important just in case of any emergencies. Create a paper list of all important contacts that include work, friends, family etc. If you are overseas it always safe to have the contact numbers of the hospital and the American embassy in the local country you are in just in the event of the unforeseen.

10. Blanket/Pillow

We all get a little chilly on our travel journeys, and unfortunately inclimate weather conditions, delays in airports and reroutes out of our control. What is in our control is the ability to come prepared and ready for anything we face on our travel Adventures . Cold planes, freezing airports, and uber rides to the the hotel can be treacherous but having your own blanket or pillow along the way can help make a difference. Either can be found at your favorite local stores or you can also hit up Amazon. Prices Range from $5- $30



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