Corien Carter.


World Traveler.

Podcast Host.

Youtube Influencer.


Street Art photographer.

Docu-Series Creator.


You can call me Corein. Im late to starting something that I've been in love with all my life. Ive always been the woman who speaks her truth no matter who else had to something to say about it. But im just now finding my official nitch and paved a lane for myself to open up more to everyday people. Expect a variety of topics from relationships and love to Malcolms X's mission and anywhere in between. I'm very well versed, from private schooling from pre-k to 12th grade in New Jersey, to attending an HBCU for 4 years in North Carolina, to moving to Atlanta working in retail and then the nightlife, to working as a Flight Attendant at two different airlines, to now focusing on my creative passions I can truly say I've seen a whole lot in these 20+ years on this earth. Stay tuned in to experience some real, raw, and rare talk, insights, and views from my standpoint of life.



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